Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan Week Ten

This week is the Family Room.

Here is the actual link to the page on the Holiday Grand Plan site.

Moving into the heart of the household, it's Week Ten at the Holiday Grand Plan: Family Room Week! We'll clean and organize this central area of family life as we begin to think ahead to holiday visitors in holiday prep. Keep working on those gifts!
Ready? Let's get organized with the Holiday Grand Plan!
I will definitely be deep cleaning in this room as it gets a LOT of use at our house. I will get out the step ladder to clean windows and wipe down the ceiling fan. 

The list of things to do this week are to make some holiday type breads and freeze them (recipes to come).  I will continue to work on the homemade gifts.  I will polish the silverware this week.  (Ugh, not a job I like, but Dear Hubby does like to, so I will snag him to help me and it will make it a lot easier to do for me.   I will take down the Halloween decorations, and put up more Thanksgiving-y type decorations.  And, lastly, I will make sure there is plenty of room in the front closet for hanging guest coats. 

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