Monday, October 10, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan Week Seven

Here is the actual link to this week.

This week I am hoping work will settle down and I can do some catchup on cleaning.  It is Guest Room Week, but I will be working on my Cra(P)ft Room.  I have a LOT of projects planned, and I am hoping to get each project and instructions in individual bags.  

Make one batch of Holiday Goodies.  Again, I am debating whether I need to bake anymore goodies at all this week.  So, recipe to be posted later?

I will buy several bags of frozen rolls this week for the freezer.  In lieu of buying frozen goods for the ACO pantry, I will buy flour and sugar. 

I will continue to work on homemade gifts.

Part of the activities for this week are to decorate for Halloween.  I have a few things to put up, but mostly decorating for Halloween is finished. 

If you are crazy about Halloween and need some help getting organized, you might want to follow the Halloween CountdownThe site,, is one I have linked to before and is very helpful for getting organized for various holidays.  I do wish they would get more holidays online, particularly Thanksgiving, but you can use the basic plan and adjust it for yourself.  I like this list for organizing Thanksgiving.

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