Friday, September 9, 2011

Organized makeup drawer

I love having my makeup drawer organized. It sooooo helps me when I am getting ready for work to have all my goodies easy to find and, well, there. I snagged the idea for the trays that are velcro'd to the drawer somewhere on the internet. Let me tell you, it has really helped me to keep this area organized. I had the silverplate trays all ready, a wedding gift from long, long, ago. I bought the white tray at Target on the clearance rack. I think I paid $4.00 for it. So perfect. The trays unloaded:
And the trays loaded:
All the basics. In one place. Easily accessible. Simply stored. The black bag in the back right is my makeup. It is a hanging travel bag. On the inside I have all my makeup stored. I pull it out, lay it flat on the counter and when I'm finished, I roll it back up and slide it back into the drawer. The little black bag holds all my tools such as tweezers and brushes. In the front are my everyday skin care products. I have sensitive facial skin, and the Patricia Wexler products from Bath and Body Works are the only products I have been able to use that don't break out my skin. The Skin Regenerating Serum is magic. Expensive, but magic. The Shea Cashmere hand lotion is so luxurious feeling on my skin, and the smell is soft and vanilla-y. Deodorant. Good stuff.

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