Friday, September 9, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan: Question Week and Living Room Cleaning

This week is supposed to be the Living Room cleaning week and "Questions" Week. My living room is all ready pretty durn clean, but could use some redecorating for the fall season. And some organizing of the storage. And I haven't even done the cleaning and projects for LAST WEEK. Ugh. Work. Travel. I. will. do. it. But for now, organizing it in my head will make it easier to actually DO when I DO get to it. Here is the link to this week's projects on the Holiday Grand Plan site.
Week Two? It's all about questions during Question Week in the Holiday Grand Plan. During this week, we'll continue making lists and planning our holiday. We'll get in touch with our values through important questions. In the cleaning component, we tackle the living room, decluttering and deep-cleaning to prepare for holiday entertaining.
Ready? Let's get organized with the Holiday Grand Plan! Deep Cleaning/Organizing Area: Living Room * Living Room * Living Room Cleaning Checklist
As I said, the living room is pretty clean. I want to redecorate for fall, organize the storage units (entertainment center and coffee table), and oh, yes, make some new pillows.
Holiday Prep: * Buy extra flour, sugar, shortening, etc. * Make one extra meal for the freezer labeled HOLIDAY MEAL. This should be large enough to feed the family plus two people. (Find recipes and ideas for freezer cooking at OrganizedHome.Com's Freezer Cooking Guide.)
I added flour, sugar, shortening, and some other stuff to the grocery list. I do plan to make some cookies/breads, etc. I like to have my everyday food cooked fresh, but have put some sale meats/veggies/fruit in the freezer.
Browse Week: * Develop ideas for gifts, decorations. * Order Christmas cards and address labels. * For your friends of other religions take the time to find out what their major holiday is and look for an appropriate card to send to them at that time. * Divide gift responsibilities with other family members.
Yes. I need to look at my pinterest ideas for Xmas gifts and stocking stuffers, and make some lists and plans. Christmas cards, hmm. Definitely will be say "Happy Holidays" kind of things, not Merry Xmas things. Dividing gift responsibilities is a given around here. Hubby is so good at helping out. And he enjoys it.
Ask these questions: * Do I see Christmas time primarily as a time for entertaining friends and renewing long lost acquaintances or as a time for family? * How much emphasis do our Christmas activities place on the spiritual side of Christmas? * How involved is my family in the Christmas preparation? * What activities are particularly important to our family at Christmas? To myself? * Why do we observe the traditions we do in our house? * How important is an elaborately decorated house, homemade gifts or food, to my feelings about Christmas? * What would my ideal Christmas be like?
This is definitely and primarily a time for family. Spiritual emphasis, not so much. Family involved. Activities? Traditions? Eating together. Decorating the Xmas tree. Talking. Opening presents. Decorating? Why, of course. More elaborate every year. Ideal? Well, it may not be ideal, but it is all good in the end.

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