Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday is Weekly Review

Today is weekly review day. On my weekly review day, I strive to get things organized for the coming up week.

For this task, I follow the GTD (Getting Things Done) guideline.

1) All loose papers into inbox. For me, this consists of taking any papers that I have piled up on my desk/landing pad, etc. and placing them in one of two piles on my desk. The first pile is things I have to pay attention to this week. The other pile is placed in my file folder divider. It may be ads, coupons, magazines, papers with ideas for projects, or things that need to be filed.

2) Process your notes. I go thru the two piles and make notes in my Google calendar or on my Out of Milk app, or my Gtasks list. All of these integrate with my telephone, so I have all of that available whether I am at home or away from home.

3) Review previous calendar data--correct work times and use old data for new triggers. I zip through my lists on Out of Milk, and Gtasks, eliminating old "done" items, or outdated items. I also look thru last week's calendars to see if I missed anything, and use last week's data to trigger ideas for this week.

4) Review Upcoming Calendar : I go thru my calendars and make plans as to what I am going to be able to accomplish for the coming week. This will probably trigger items to add to the shopping lists, text messages or emails.

5) Empty your head: put in writing new projects actions, waiting fors, etc. and add to "getting things done":

6) Review action lists: mark off completed actions, review for reminders of further actions, steps to take.

8) Review Project Lists: review files, lists and pinterest.

9) Review any relevant checklists:

10) Review someday/maybe list: this gets done way too infrequently. nice for daydreaming.

11) Be Creative and Courageous: sometimes this is the hardest part. Keep repeating--JUST DO IT.

12) This is my final addition: Review lists and make sure everything syncs. Then sync to telephone. I am currently trying to use the most streamlined approach by having everything listed in my google calendar.

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