Saturday, February 19, 2011

a husband that spending his days off making a perennial vegetable/fruit garden--priceless.

Husband innocently bought a bag of asparagus crowns and announced he wanted to take off a few days to dig the perennial vegetable/fruit garden.
We had plans for planting a bed beside the driveway, but it was something that just had not happened, until yesterday, that is. We planted a fig tree a couple of years ago, and actually got some figs last year.
The garden as planned will have a fig, some fruit trees, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, asparagus and strawberries.
Yesterday Husband dug the asparagus bed. Oh, Lordy, have I told you how MUCH I HATE Bermuda grass? And our heavy clay soils? Man, oh, man! Bless my sweet Husband!
It was Friday, so Grandbuddy was with us, and he was a great help!

And then there was a break for lunch and a nap--

Pop-Pop was in heaven--

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