Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chapter Two Recap of Regaining the Power of Youth

Chapter Two: Strike, Strengthen, and Stretch

Striking--means exercise with impact. Impact builds bones. Good striking exercises include jogging, tennis, volleyball, aerobic dance, canoeing.
Women do not build bone as men do so women need to do weight lifting with high reps as well as heavy weight lifting with low reps.

Strengthening: Strength work should be combined with aerobic work. This is called the Aerobic-Strength Axis. It is vital to battle the body's inclination with age to use oxygen less efficiently. Sedentary people lose aerobic power at about 12% per decade and endurance athletes lose at about 5.5% per decade. (Over a decade, that's a loss difference of nearly 50%.)

As one ages the ratio of aerobic/strength workouts should change, more strength conditioning as one ages. For my age group--51-60 years, I should be doing 60% aerobic and 40% strength conditioning. The ratio works out timewise for me as this--for every five hours I work out, I should be doing three hours of aerobic and two hours of strength. (Tentatively, that means on SunMThFSat I should aerobically work out four of the five days for 45 minutes. And on MTFSat I should lift weights three out of the four days for for 40 minutes. Don't even ask me to explain why I chose the days that way. My night work schedule is screwy.)

Stretching: Importance of stretching is reinforced, in order to decrease injury and to aid in activities of daily living. I will use yoga for my stretching.

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