Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thinking about what to knit for the New Year

There has been discussion about a knit-along for the book "Opinionated Knitter" by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It is a compilation of the first twenty or so newsletters she wrote, starting in 1958.

I thought I'd put my thoughts down on paper.

First, the projects in the book. I'm sure I missed some, but here it is as I see it now.

#1: Fairisle yoke sweater made entirely on circular needles
#2: Scandinavian Ski-Sweater
#3: Circular Seamless "Brooks Sweater"
#4: Cowichan Sweater
#5: Prime Rib Sweater
#6: Aran Coat
#7: Norse Sweater
#8: Watch Cap
#9: Circular Aran Sweater
#10: Aran Cap
#11: Tomten
#12: Circular Seamless Raglan Sweater
#13: Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket
#14: Woodsman's Socks
#15: Pillbox Hat
#16: Ski-Bonnet
#17: Headband
#18: Very Warm Hat
#19: Fast Cap
#20: V-necked Aran Cardigan
#21: Three & One Sweater
#22: Icelandic Yoke Sweater
#23: Mittens
#24: Baby Leggings
#25: Lady Leggings
#26: Stockings
#27: Spiral Hat (Three or Five Spiral)
#28: Kangaroo Pouch Sweater
#29: Surprise Jacket
#30: Baby Bonnet
#31: Baby bootees
#32: Baby Bunting

I've made the Tomten, and probably won't make it again.
I've made the Watch Cap, Woodsman's Socks, Headband, Three & One Sweater, Stockings, and Kangaroo Pouch Sweater, and I will make those again at some point.
There are several others that I am not interested in making for the knit-a-long--Cowichan Sweater, Scandinavian Ski Sweater, Aran Coat, Norse sweater, Prime Rib Sweater, Watch Cap, Circular Aran Sweater, Circular Seamless Raglan Sweater, Woodsman's Socks, Pillbox hat, Ski Bonnet, Icelandic Yoke Sweater, Baby Leggings, Lady Leggings, Stockings, Icelandic Yoke Sweater, Kangaroo Pouch Sweater, Baby Bonnet, Bootees, or Bunting, or a Spiral Hat.

So that leaves the possibilities of knitting these in the upcoming year:

#1: Fairisle yoke sweater made entirely on circular needles
#2: Circular Seamless "Brooks Sweater"
#3: Aran Cap
#4: Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket
#5: Headband
#6: Very Warm Hat
#7: Fast Cap
#8: V-necked Aran Cardigan
#9: Three & One Sweater
#10: Surprise Jacket

Now, as far as knitting all of these things, well, I just don't see it happening. Especially with all the other things I would like to knit soon. I do have knitting for many new babies this year, and that means that the Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket (which has intrigued me for years and MUST be knit), the Fast Cap, and the Surprise Jacket will be knitted. I'm sure I will be knitting up headbands, and soon, as most everyone in the family has committed to increasing their running in the next year. Maybe I should add the 36 stitch mittens to that list for the runners. And any of the sweaters may be knitted in baby size instead of adult size, but I have had a hankering to knit the fairisle yoke sweater in a cardigan for me, the Brooks sweater, the V-necked Aran Cardigan for my sweet hubby, and another Three & One Sweater for quite a while now. At the rate I knit, these four sweaters would take up my entire year.

Oh, if only I had more time to knit. And sew. And craft.

I do have enough yarn in my stash to make the Surprise Jacket, and many hats, headbands and mittens.

If I made any of the sweaters, though, I would need to purchase yarn for those.