Monday, January 4, 2010

Knitting Projects for 2010

I saw a thread on Ravelry that had everyone listing all the knitting projects they completed in 2009. I was pretty disappointed at how little I had completed. Here is my list:

A Turn the Square Hat (200 yards)
A Supernatural Stripes Sweater (200 yards)
A Yellow Vest, inspired by Seigfried Farnon (1000 yards)
Socks (400 yards)
Carseat Blanket (800 yards)
Adult Tomten (3000 yards)
Summerlin Dress (100 yards)
Dishcloths—4-6 (600 yards)
Animal Cracker Hat (200 yards)
Celtic Braid Blanket (1000 yards)
Xmas Stocking (400 yards)

All in all, about 8000 yards. That's pretty wimpy. But considering all the stuff that happened this year--the wedding, babysitting Gbuddy, numerous family meals, working full-time, etc., well, I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

This year I will make the obligatory wish list of things to knit. There will be some stash busting, some knitting for Gbuddy and other family members, some holiday knitting, some new baby knitting, and hopefully, some knitting for charity (still wanting to use my knitting machine to knit up hats.)

I'm currently working on some cream snowman mittens for Joe.

I have yarn in my stash for:
Annemor #4 mittens, the dog mittens, probably in cream and tan Nature Spun fingering.
Sitcom Chic cardigan, in tan cotton.
Winter Cottage Mittens, of garnet and cream Palette.
Ice Queen, a cowl, of pale blue Lacette.
Koolhaas, a hat, of Patons Espresso. (Note to self: look and see if it's still in stash.)
Egeblad doily--have yarn, maybe will, maybe won't knit this.
Rosy Fingered Dawn shawl. Bugs got to this one. Need to look at yarn and see if it's still viable.
Logan River Wrap in some ancient purple Nature Spun worsted. I may make the Everyday Wrap instead.
Lily of the Valley Stole of some ancient pale green cotton fingering.
Celtic Knot Stole in laceweight cream merino.
Highlander, a cardigan of blue variegated dk weight.

All of this adds up to less than the amount I knitted this year. Some of the projects are questionable for various reasons.

I need to buy yarn for many more of my projects that are in my queue, oddly enough, most of it is fingering yarn in white or cream. I will keep my eyes open for it!