Monday, December 7, 2009

Finish-Up Week

Per the Holiday Grand Plan, it is Finish-Up Week. I'm certainly not finished up, but I'm confident I will be finished soon.

I had to reschedule at work to Wednesday, which is going to screw up my shopping/decorating/baking/sewing/sending out Xmas cards plans this week, but DearHusband is extra busy at work and probably will not be able to take off any time to shop/decorate/bake/sew/send out Xmas cards with me anyway.

Making a plan and sticking to it is going to be very important in the next two weeks.

I can get started on my shopping easily. I have some gift lists from my kids to get started from, and I will start making phone calls to chat with others. YoungGirl is going to be hard, she hates gift cards and won't make a list. EasyOnTheEyes will be pretty easy; gift cards for restaurants. #1DIL is easy. I could give her anything and she will LOVE it. (God bless her mother. I LOVE my DIL.)

Decorating inside is nearly finished. Thanks to not working last night, I was able to get most of the decorating finished. Hopefully it will be sunny today and I can take some pictures and post them.
Decorating outside hasn't even begun. Dear Husband has a lot on his plate. I'm just not sure it's going to happen.

I had every intention of baking cookies, etc. ahead of time but everything magically disappeared as it was baked. Even the cookies I froze somehow disappeared.
I will make some cookies for this Friday's Xmas Tree Decorating Party, and I'll throw the rest in the freezer with warning tags--DO NOT EAT--on them.
I need to plan the menu for the party this Friday (gosh, that's SOON!)

I know I said I wanted to sew some linens for the dining room, but with the change in schedule, it just may not happen.
I've been working on a stocking for Gbuddy. Go look at it here.
And, oh, as an aside, the Adult Tomten jacket is nearly finished.

This. I'm just not confident this will happen. DearHusband insisted that he would write a newsletter this year. He hasn't started.

Edited to add: Geez, I sound bleak. I really don't feel that way.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decorating for Xmas

It's the middle of the night and I'd like to be finishing up the Xmas decorating, but can't make a lot of racket for fear of waking DH. Instead I will do some virtual decorating.

The Entry:

Last Year:

Other than being boring, the felt around the bottom of the trees looks BAD! And the trees look bad. I remember playing around with the limbs for about an hour, trying to get them to look good. That'll be a must again this year. I will cut the felt into thinner strips and put little white lights in and among the felt strips to try to wow it up a bit. I have some small figurines, carolers and a skier, etc., which I will place at the base of the tree. I think I will buy some big premade white paper snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling over the little trees.

I will place a large poinsettia or christmas cactus or other xmas-y plant in the planter. This area will look very different, due to the new lamps I bought over the summer for my beloved red table.

The Dining Room:

I do like the silver on the buffet, but the pinecones/dried roses in the crystal bowl are too monochromatic. I need a big bright plant or an eye-catching floral arrangement. I bought a large glass apothecary jar over the summer to use at the wedding reception, and I will fill it with red, green and gold glass balls instead of the trifle bowl I used last year.
I would like to find some shades with more bling for the buffet lamps and add shades/garland to the chandelier. I think I have some black shades with gold interiors in storage.

The cactus will have its cactus lights as usual.

I am hoping to make the linens for the table out of this beautiful Buchanan tartan fabric.

I also want to make kidney pillow for each host chair of the maroonish velvet and machine embroider each one with a big black S.

And now I'm sleepy. Night, night.