Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh, I'm posting a little late for a preview of the activities for the week to come, work was tiring, and I spent a luxurious evening watching episodes from Season Three of "Lost", and knitting on the blanket edging for the soon-to-be-here baby. I promise I will take pictures of the knitting projects I've completed to date and post a ton SOON!

This week--OH MY! I just realized I MISSED AN ENTIRE WEEK of the Holiday Grand Plan! Not only did I do a pisspoor job of the kitchen (I told you I was dreading it), I totally missed doing the pantry and closets. Although I hate doing hours and hours of cleaning, I think I really will just buckle down and clean the kitchen AND the pantry and closets! It's okay, a little penance is good for the soul.

It doesn't really surprise me that I missed a whole week, as I babysat Gbuddy an additional day due to his babysitter being sick, DearDaughter had an eye infection (she is better now, but not 100%), which kept us on the phone a lot, I was in charge or in admit at work as well, which takes a lot out of me. There is a lot of stress going on at work as well, and I'm beginning to weigh the pros and cons of this job.

So here it is--the list--
Wipe out cabinets and drawers
Clean microwave, stove top and oven
Clean appliances (except refrigerator, which I DID do last week)
Clean decorative items
Clean shelves and floor
Straighten and wipe shelves and floors
Put Halloween decorations away and add some more fall/Thanksgiving type decorations
Choose Xmas newsletter graphics/pictures and have husband begin writing Xmas newsletter
Add Anne's newlywed recipe book pages to website--as much as I have and TRY to finish the rest of the pages--I think there are about ten more pages to go.
Make a Xmas goodie or two--and add to recipe pages
Make a freezer dish or two with chicken--and add my favorite chicken dishes to the recipe pages