Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Blanket Edging

I am knitting a genderless baby blanket in spring green, and the color makes me very happy. Gbuddy went with me to "pick out" yarn, and when I held up different colors, he picked the green too. It is Lion Brand Jiffy, and I think it is a good choice as it is washer friendly. I started by casting on one stitch with doubled yarn and increased at the beginning of each edge by knitting in the first stitch twice. I knit till I finished those first two balls, then began decreasing at the beginning of the edge with k1, k1, k1, pass 2nd stitch over the 3rd stitch. I know, I could have slipped the second stitch, but I like the look of this decrease.

I know this is a very plain, plain body, but my plan is to acknowledge the Irish background of the father of the baby, (who is very special to our family) and make a cabled edge. I am envisioning a separate edging in a simple cable such as in the Irish Hiking Scarf, and attach it as I go. What I will do when I get to the corners remains to be seen. I anticipate many tries on that first corner until I either conquer it or it conquers me.

The blanket body is a tad over half done, and I anticipate I will need another three to four hours to finish the body. The edging, I am sure, will take at least that much time. And it has to be finished by the end of the month. And this is October 25. I am having a good laugh at myself, as I am often heard complaining at work about families who haven't picked out a name yet for their baby, what have they been doing for the last nine months? And here I am not ready with the avalanche of presents I envision for this new babylove.

Gotta get to work--