Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Holiday Planning

This is from, some of them I linked to before, but this is the home page with LOTS of planners. Here. Aren't they CUTE?!

Today I downloaded my xmas files from our old computer and organized them on my Mac.

I downloaded all the Holiday Grand Plan files from the site and put them in a notebook. Plain and utilitarian.

Later this evening the hubby and I will sit down and look at the checklists of things we need to do and lists to make.
Computerize the xmas card list.
Decide if we're going to write a holiday letter or design a holiday card.
Visits we'll make for the holidays.
Parties to give over the holidays.
Menus for the parties.
Goodies for sharing/gifts.
Favorite meals for freezing ahead.
Long-term shopping list, so we don't have TONS of stuff to buy right at the holidays; on this list will be perishables as well as canned goods, linens/dishes, decorations.

According to the lists, I'll need to:
Clean the front porch, entry and living room. And apparently the front yard as well, which will include freshening plantings as needed.
Plan for decorating these areas during the holidays--that will include Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Expect to see a coat closet organization post.
Expect to see a post about sewing pillows for the living room.
Buy extra flour, sugar, shortening.
Make an extra meal for the freezer. (Expect to see a post about this.)
Develop ideas for gifts and decorations. (Expect to see a post about this.)
Order Xmas cards and address labels.
Print out checklists for weeks 1, 2, 3.
Make batch of Holiday Goodies. (Expect to see a post about this.)
Buy supplies for homemade gifts. (Expect to see a post about this.)
Buy extra battery for camera.

So, join me! I may not do it in order, and I may not do every week. Heck, I may even do two weeks at once, depending on how much work and other life things allow me. For me, doing this plan is an opportunity to clean my house and get it all organized for the New Year. Even though we just moved in a little over a year ago, there are still things I want to do organizational wise. And heaven knows, everything in my house could be CLEANER!

I can't decide if I want to do the CEO six week plan. It is the plan I usually do every year. And it may be too much to do both plans, work, take care of Hank and, well, etcetera. But I'm at least going to give the Grand Plan a stab.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Is it time yet?

To start thinking about Christmas? Well, yes it is! In fact, according to my favorite Christmas organizing website, it's a lil' late! (Shoulda started the last week of August!) Luckily, I have the "bones", that is, the notebook, organized, and a basic knowledge of how the program is run. It really isn't too late to start, though, as the program only has you do small bites each week, so catching up on the first few weeks is not a problem. If you are just starting, I'd suggest you sit down and do the notebook and the paper planning and budgeting all in one fell swoop, over one week instead of 2-3 weeks.
This year I am going to follow the longer and more involved Holiday Grand Plan. I usually just do the six week "CEO Christmas Countdown", but this year I feel like I need to do the more detailed program.
I have been following the Holiday Grand Plan for as many years as it has been going, and that would make it seventeen years. I don't always follow it to the "T", but I use it to help me plan for Christmas shopping/cooking/decorating and getting my house cleaned. Making the notebook is about as fun as it gets; I even created some divider pages from my own graphics. There are plenty of printables on the organized christmas site, which make creating the notebook fast and easy.
This weekend I plan to update my notebook, and do all the paper planning and budgeting. I have a long weekend free, free, free from work, and hubby and I were intending to work on the budget this weekend anyway.
I will take pictures of my notebook when I've completed it and post so you can see what I've done. In the meantime, look at these planners:
Mission Inkpossible
The Inspiration Institute
Christmas Planner--don't miss this link--there are some really cute ideas here!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Goals for the rest of the week of September 7

Since I didn't do anything on Sunday/Monday due to work, I'll try to do a bit of catch-up as well.

Sunday: Family Day, Gardening
Monday: Scrapbooking Day
Tuesday: Knitting Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day, Anti-procrastination Day, Gbuddy Day
Thursday: Website/Blog Day
Friday: Weekly Home Blessing/Decorating, Gbuddy Day
Saturday: DH Day, Gardening


Gardening: clean up garden, trim, plant as needed

Scrapbooking: work on Daddy's album, finish DD recipe book

Knitting: finish yellow vest, pick up sleeve stitches on jacket

Sewing: work on Chris's quilt, sew pillows

Website/blog: make plan for website, add articles: digital supplies 2, greeting cards, clay, cork, fibers; redo recipe pages--add page for DD recipe book

Decorating: go through pictures, decide what to hang on family wall


Exercise Plan for This Week

Depending on energy level, basic EVERYDAY workout is a “walk” with George of at least 45 minutes and either Pilates or weights


Eating Plan:
Weight Watchers points and eat as Paleo as possible