Saturday, September 5, 2009


I did some organizing in my closet a few weeks back and never posted about it due to the wedding celebration parties. So here are some before and afters--

I have a great closet that I share with my husband, and he graciously gave me the larger set of built-in shelves. I piled things in there kind of willy-nilly, but with a semblance of organization, making do with what containers I had on hand. I had my undies in a few rattan containers, and I got so annoyed with that situation that I replaced them with some cute fabric boxes that I found at Lowe's.
So I don't have a real before, but here is the after with a few items redone:

Then one Sunday afternoon, I got the organizing bug, and finished the shelves. This is the before and after of the top two shelves.

I used a kitchen pots and pans rack to organize the purses. Hey, it works.

The second shelf originally held I dunno what, jewelry and socks and panties and bras I think. And now it holds undies, separated nicely and easy to access, and not in view or falling all over the place. It looks just like the top shelf with the fabric boxes, so I won't bore you with that.

The next section down functions a whole lot better. This is the before:

And the afters. I used the larger left hand side for jewelry and a mirror which remains to be hung. I lined the side walls with cork and hung my necklaces from little pokepins. The right hand side has adjustable shelf racks for a couple of shelves to place my shoes.

Left side:

And Right Side--

I can't tell you how much better I like these areas. I can see all my shoes with ease. I can find my jewelry much easier. Woot!

The bottom shelf was treated in much the same way as the right side of the above area was treated, so I won't bore you with those photos.

All together I spent about $150 dollars to gain a ton of functionality.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Gardening

Weather's been too hot to do any planting, but with the weather cooling, and September here, I hope to do some planting soon! According to my handy-dandy Texas A&M fall seeding guide, I should plant the following (I only included the ones I'm interested in) in September:

September 1: bush beans, cucumber
September 10: summer squash
September 20: transplant broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts

Simple enough.

It's getting to be time to transplant my fall flowers, among them, pinks, shasta daisies and snapdragons. And maybe a few alyssums.

TV stuff

Okay, so why didn't anyone tell me about "Lost" before this? Thanks to Andy mentioning it a few weeks ago, I added it to my Roku list, and finally got bored one day and watched the first episode. Chip was watching in passing, then stopped cold in his tracks and watched, as enraptured as myself, till the very end. Then he whispered, "I have to see the first part--REPLAY IT!" We've been trying to catch an episode a couple of times a week. Rotating with "24" and "Mad Men", of course.

"All Creatures Great and Small" has fallen by the wayside, Season 4 is just too boring. Poop.

I'll start watching "Elliotts" again soon.

And how in heckfire did the release of Season 3 of "Dexter" to Netflix pass me by?

Funny but true story. I figured out that Dexter Season 3 had released when I added a new movie for the hubby yesterday. And this morning, I was talking to Anne, and she asked me if we had every watched/heard of Dexter. Ummm, had we ever! She and J had just finished watching Season 2. Perfect timing, eh?

And, have you been watching Project Runway? LOVE. IT. As well as Top Chef Masters--go Rick Bayless! And Next Top Chef. And HGTV Design Star. Biggest Loser starts in two weeks--September 15. And Amazing Race starts September 27. Football regular season starts soon, and hockey starts in a month. Good for knitting.

Cough, cough, oh.

Cough, cough, cough. Oh. I can't breathe, either. Stuffy nose. Missed work. Oh. Oh. Oh. Cough, cough. Can't breathe. Oh.