Sunday, June 14, 2009

This week!

This week I have several things I'd like to accomplish, and as I have not heard from the DIL about baby-sitting the grandbaby, I should be able to get some things accomplished.

1) make 4 small blankets out of 1 large one
2) finish the white Tshirt
3) alter the brown blouse

1) this week's pictures
2) review Daddy's family pictures, and make a plan to finish them
3) talk to Bubby about Gbuddy's hospital pics and finish album.
4) make photo albums for me and my mom

nothing special, just continue with what I have started--the Adult Tomten, and the Peter Easy vest.

1) sew at least one hour on Chris's quilt

1) fill in "holes"

Read and learn:
1) Spanish--15 minutes EVERY DAY. Read ALL of the "Spanish Basics in One Week" course from
2) Photography 101 vodcast--watch one
3) Retirement Planning vodcast--watch one
4) Rent house dvds--watch one with DH
5) read one hour on email books--finish Wizard of Oz, and read "Tess" and "Little Dorritt" through May 4th (yes, I'm terrifically behind)
6) watch all of the "Caring for Your Parents" vodcasts.

I'd also like to get started on Christmas projects. I may or may not get that started.