Monday, March 2, 2009

George Goodness--Equal Time for the other baby

This is totally the way it happened--no staging--promise!
I came down the hallway and what did I see?

George tried to assert his rightful ownership--get out of the way, big boy!

Is it?

It is! The toy elephant that George stole, I mean, borrowed, from his friend Lily!

George loves his toys, especially the squeaky ones, and months ago Lily brought this, her favorite toy, over to our house. George also loved this toy, and immediately claimed it as his own. Although we didn't know this until after Lily had left. After they left, George showed us that he had very craftily hidden it under Mom's bed pillow until Lily left. He has played and played and played with this toy. It remains his favorite after many months.
Go figure.
Oh, and Lily's mom said George could keep it, seeing that he liked it so much.

Grandbuddy Goodness--Smiles in the Making

Monday Update

Wow, so much stuff in my head--thought I'd gotten it online, surprised to see I haven't posted in over two weeks--well, I guess I need to cut myself some slack--I was sick for a week of it, and just feeling human-like for the past four days! I may have missed the last several waves of colds, stomach viruses and flu, but this one knocked me down! Went back to work on Saturday and shouldn't have. I was beat by 3 a.m. Ready to lie down beat up and done for. I limped through, slept five hours when I got home and then slept nine hours last night. And still feeling kind of spacey. But glad I'm well. And getting better.
Here is the Monday update--things I'm thinking about and working on--
1) dining chair kidney pillows--not started--buying stuff I need for them today
2) Buchanan plaid table linens--not started--have supplies, will begin soon
3) shift dress of patchwork pastel fabric--back on waiting list--need to think more about what I want to make this fabric out of--a shift may not be "it"
4) start baby poonam sweater--not working on anymore--need to concentrate on other stuff
5) make some progress on Chris's denim quilt--no, but is set up and ready to go--see it there on the desk next to the sewing machine?

6) carseat blanket--half finished!

7) blue and rust quilt--not started, but have organized and ready to start
8) project improv block--not started, but have organized and ready to start
9) swaddling blankets (and burp cloths)--FINISHED!

10) machine knitting charity hats--found a pattern, need to set up a permanant place for the knitting machine!
11) decided I needed a denim skirt for spring--McCalls patterns on sale this week at Hobby Lobby. I have plenty of denim, navy thread, will pick up McCalls 5431 and a zipper and get that one started soon!
12) and my various other knitting projects--see what I have going here. All are moving along at a good clip. I'm dying to start some mittens, and also a project inspired by the Elizabethan jacket, but I think I have enough to say grace over at this point!