Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I have an IDEA rolling around in my mind

I have an idea rolling around in my mind, and I need to get it on paper, and make it one step closer to reality.
My dear husband is a member of Rotary Club and one of their projects is "Coats for Kids". They rounded up about 125 coats this year for the kids in our area. It occurred to me, rather too late in the year that I COULD KNIT HATS! That the kids needed hats at least as much as they needed coats. Good gravy, HOW MANY TIMES have I told my newborn parents--"80% of the body heat goes out through the HEAD--keep a hat on that baby"!! But when Dear Husband said that I would need to knit 125 hats, I knew there was no way I could knit 125 hats in a month, or for that matter, organize a group and knit 125 hats in a month.
The first problem is--can I knit 125 hats in about ten months? Well, no, not by hand anyway. But I might be able to by machine. I just need to figure out how to make a hat in the least amount of time. Ten a month doesn't really sound all that bad. (Hopefully, I am recalling how fast the knitting goes on the machine.)
The cost shouldn't be a problem, either. If I can find yarn for $1 a skein, and each hat takes one skein, I can easily do that.
Time. Now time might be the problem. Especially if I'm going to do this by myself. I need to dust off the knitting machine first.
Okay, so onto the tickler reminder sheet:
1) Dust off and set up the knitting machine.
2) Find pattern for hat.
3) Look for sources for yarn.
4) Run a couple trial hats to see how fast I can make ONE hat.
5) Figure out if I can commit to the time needed for this project.
6) Oh, yeah, and see if the Rotary Club is even interested in this.

Pencil Case for Darfur

Hope to cast on for a pencil case for Darfur The pencil cases will be given to the kids in Darfur to aid in their education process--read about the Help Sudan project here. We have a couple of the "Lost Boys" that work in our hospital. They are very open about who they are and will talk freely about how fortunate and grateful they are that they here and alive.

January Quilt Goals

Joined Project Improv over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio.
The idea behind it is to open up your creative mind and make an improvisational quilt. I have been thinking about making a little blue and red and white quilt top and back it with some fleece for the Grandbuddy. I have the fleece in blue and it has embossed polka dots on it. I was thinking red and blue polka dotted fabric and making it in some wonky looking log cabin squares much like I've admired at Tallgrass Prairie's Studio. And one of the requests for the Improv Project is to donate a quilt square using the aqua/red colorway. Groovy. A colorway and an opportunity to give.
The charity square doesn't have to be complete till April 1, but I'd like to at least get it cooking in my mind.
But for January, I'd like to pull out the little groups of quilt fabrics I pulled out and coordinated way back when and make a couple of little and hopefully quick quilts.
I don't intend on finishing any of the three, but at least get a good start on each of them, at least designing.

1) The first one will be the aqua blue, red and white one I talked about above.

2) The second one I have had in mind will use this group of fabrics:

3) And the third one will use this group of fabrics, and I think it will be a carseat blanket.

4) I DO WANT to make some progress on Chris's denim quilt. I am seriously thinking I will make TWO bands only and place plain fabric on each side to make the top go a little faster. Seriously. I wanted to finish this quilt EIGHT YEARS AGO. It's TIME.

Monday, January 5, 2009

January Learning Goals

I have many podcasts to listen to and vodcasts to watch. DIYstyle, a retirement planning vodcast, a caring for your parents vodcast, LaLeche League podcast, and grammar, manners, health, fitness and a couple of learn to speak Spanish podcasts. I also have a couple of Spanish websites that I have been frequenting. I will be reading from our hospital's online library too to keep up with the newest in breastfeeding.

January Fitness Goals

Follow this link to my fitness blog.

January Knitting Goals

January is a month of finishing some all ready begun projects and starting at least one new one! I'm going to continue to try and work from the stash, and not purchase any more, also.
I want to finish the Ribby Slipper Socks, and knit a liner for the humongous "Turn a Square" hat, and finish the "Super Natural Stripes" sweater for Grandbuddy. Link to my queue on Ravelry.
January is Aran sweaters and I think I'll start a "Baby Poonam" in the green fluffy dk weight yarn and if there isn't enough for a sweater, it will be a vest. Easy enough.

January Sewing Goals: Stash Contest at patternreview.com

New Year beginning for sewing--I joined the "Stash Contest" at patternreview.com. The rules state that the fabric has to have been in your stash for over five months, so I am thinking I will make up these two fabrics, but not in the pattern shown, but in some cute "little boy" shirts and shorts. It will be an easy dive back into sewing clothes.

I'd like to make a simple shift dress out of this material, not the shirt pattern shown:

And for the home decorating fabrics:

I want to make the Buchanan plaid into some table linens:

And I have some cinnamon velvet and striped fabric I want to make some kidney pillows for dining chairs. I think I have plenty of piping, need to look.

I'm sure I could think of some other things to whip up, but figure four projects in four weeks is all ready stretching it for me.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Family Bliss and the Finalized Resolutions

Dearest Husband's whole family came for the New Year. This was the first time in years that everyone was together. We enjoyed everyone so very much and we are so glad we could host this get-together. Here's a pic of the entire family.

Tomorrow I will start anew.

And here are my well-intended intentions for 2009:

*Read books relating to work for one hour per week.
*Work on improving my Spanish by studying for 15 minutes per day.

* Keep all credit cards at or near zero.
* Increase net worth.
* Decrease unnecessary spending by evaluating each expenditure as a "need" or "want".
* Increase liquid cash and retirement funds. Keep monthly record.
* Save at least $500 a month for wedding.

* Walk/jog/run/ride bike at least 3 x per week, at least 30 minutes per session.
* Complete 3 Body for Life challenges. (Lift weights 3x per week, about 45 minutes per session.)
* Yoga and Pilates each at least 2x per week, at least 30 minutes per session.
* Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day and continue to drink eight glasses of water per day.
* Actively pursue eating locally, and growing our own food.

* Begin knitting hats for Coats for Kids? Or hats for the homeless in Allen, or hats for newborns for Collin County hospital?
* Continue working on scrapbooks.
* Host regular monthly social events (possibly host Crafternoons for the girls)
* Expand garden area. Plant some fruits.
* Sew more!

Personal/Love Interests
* Continue communication and regular get-togethers with close friends and family.