Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decorating for Xmas

It's the middle of the night and I'd like to be finishing up the Xmas decorating, but can't make a lot of racket for fear of waking DH. Instead I will do some virtual decorating.

The Entry:

Last Year:

Other than being boring, the felt around the bottom of the trees looks BAD! And the trees look bad. I remember playing around with the limbs for about an hour, trying to get them to look good. That'll be a must again this year. I will cut the felt into thinner strips and put little white lights in and among the felt strips to try to wow it up a bit. I have some small figurines, carolers and a skier, etc., which I will place at the base of the tree. I think I will buy some big premade white paper snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling over the little trees.

I will place a large poinsettia or christmas cactus or other xmas-y plant in the planter. This area will look very different, due to the new lamps I bought over the summer for my beloved red table.

The Dining Room:

I do like the silver on the buffet, but the pinecones/dried roses in the crystal bowl are too monochromatic. I need a big bright plant or an eye-catching floral arrangement. I bought a large glass apothecary jar over the summer to use at the wedding reception, and I will fill it with red, green and gold glass balls instead of the trifle bowl I used last year.
I would like to find some shades with more bling for the buffet lamps and add shades/garland to the chandelier. I think I have some black shades with gold interiors in storage.

The cactus will have its cactus lights as usual.

I am hoping to make the linens for the table out of this beautiful Buchanan tartan fabric.

I also want to make kidney pillow for each host chair of the maroonish velvet and machine embroider each one with a big black S.

And now I'm sleepy. Night, night.

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