Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slow week ahead

Well, maybe not a slow week--slow for cleaning house and cooking/baking/sewing maybe. This week I'll be out of town taking Daddy to Houston for his checkup. Actually, it's okay that it is a slow week for cleaning as this is "guest room" week and DD is living in the guest room, and she is doing her own cleaning for now. There is still plenty of time to do all the things I want to do before the holidays.
Today will be busy, trying to get things in order before I go, packing and cleaning and washing and making sure DH has enough to eat.
Knitting is moving along well; I have several things (Gbuddy's pumpkin hat, gaiter for a friend) almost finished.
I am about to finish the ribbing on the second armhole of the Peter Easy Vest. I will take it with me to Houston and I'm hoping to finish it this week. I am still trying to come up with a solution for the waistband. The vest is too short and I originally planned to make a straight bottom and knitted one inch, then a purl row, then straight knitting for the body. So far I can think of several options. Number one would be to pick up stitches so that it looks as if I have another row of purl bumps, knit as many stitches as I did for the turned-back hem portion and then another purl bump, etc., till it is as long as needed, then hem. The second option would be to pick up stitches and knit in ribbing to the desired length. This would match the armholes and neck ribbing, but I'm afraid the purl bump would look odd. The third option is to pick up stitches, knit around for an inch, purl a row for another purl bump, knit an inch, then knit ribbing for as long as needed. This option would potentially be too long. The fourth option would be to pick up stitches, knit a few inches of patterning, then finish with ribbing or a straight hem.
I will leave the Adult Tomten at home. It is just too heavy and bulky now, but oh, how I would love to finish it.
Instead, I will take some small projects with me such as hats and mittens.
I am reading some wonderful books. I finished reading "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith and enjoyed it very much. I will watch the movie as well, and have it in my Netflix queue. I also plan on watching "Ghost", "In the Garden of Good and Evil", "Gosford Park", "I Served the King of England", and "The Stranger".
I'm looking forward to having some quiet time waiting at the hospital to complete DD's recipe book. By the way, check out this blog post about favorite and classic casseroles, courtesy of edible distractions.
I've researched some walking trails, and not knowing Houston and I'll be doing some of that as well as working out in the fitness center while we are there. I'm going to pack my yoga and pilates dvd's too.

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The Trimmier Life said...

Hi Barbara - this is Jennifer, Anne's college girlfriend - I enjoy reading your blog so much. You seem to make time to fit in the important thins and by blogging about it, you remind me to do the same, so THANKS! You are so prepared for the holidays and I am jealous - but I plan to jump on the wagon and start now! I was wondering if you post your 'frozen' recipes anywhere...I have a few recipes that are good for freezing, but I would love to add some others (maybe even weeknight dinners) to my cookbook! I'll scroll through your older posts to see if there are any there :) HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!