Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh, good news! Daddy is still cancer-less, and can do his bloodwork every three months here in town. We will go back to Houston in one year. We are humbly counting our blessings.

This week is a busy one, trying to coordinate working out, eating well, cleaning and getting ready for the holidays in addition to that necessary evil, work, without losing my mind.

Working out: I've been looking at some new ways to work out, and just can't seem to get interested in anything new, right now the tried and true appeals to me. And so that means that I will be doing my 12 x 12 or Body For Life weights workout, with a goal of three times this week. I plan on doing those workouts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, watching TV. And I will also do three aerobic workouts, walking/jogging, etc., for about 40 minutes each workout, three times this week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Wednesday and Friday I will take Gbuddy with me. I'm hoping to do some yoga/pilates this week, when, I don't know, right now there doesn't seem to be time to fit it in, but it could be used in lieu of an aerobic workout if the weather is bad or before I go to bed on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday morning or before Gbuddy gets here on Wednesday and Friday.
I did have a lovely walk around and through Hermann Park. I wish I had known that it was there, as I would have walked it as often as possible. I walked for an hour and a half, and what a delightful surprise the Japanese Garden and the Promenade were. Walking in the downtown area was also delightful. There were several lovely parks with water features and beautiful plantings along Holcomb. I am looking forward to exploring the area on our next visit.

Eating/Cooking/Baking: I so enjoyed eating out last week, and I am afraid to stand on the scale this morning. (edited to add: I lost a pound over the last two weeks.) We ate very well at our hotel, the Rotary House International. The breakfast buffet was marvelous, and I fulfilled my intention of eating meat and veggies and fruit quite well. I also observed how different I felt (not good) when I did not eat well. It's such a no-brainer. Eat well, feel good, think clearly.
I made my menu plan for this week, and I don't need to buy anything for a few days, and then I will just need to buy a few things such as milk.
Right now I don't have plans to do a frozen meal, but that may change. I will try to find time to bake and freeze some holiday goodies, but I may focus on some Halloween goodies.
Freezing some meals ahead came in very handy last week, and Dear Husband enjoyed the lasagna and corn cheese rice casserole. All the salad makings and veggies are gone, which hopefully means he ate them and not that he threw them away.

Knitting: I am "almost" finished with the Peter Easy vest. Just about three more rounds of ribbing! I also knitted Gbuddy a pumpkin hat, oh, boy, is it the cutest! I knit a plain hat with a row of purl every ten stitches and then decreased every other row after the purl row. I then knitted up a leaf, using this pattern.

I am ready to knit the last sleeve on the Adult Tomten, especially since the weather is getting so cool, but find that I am needing to knit a few baby items. I will be digging in the stash today.

Cleaning: This week the Holiday Grand Plan calls for Kitchen Week, the week I've been dreading. I will do the best I can, but my kitchen is BIG! Right now I don't have plans to do a frozen meal, but that may change. I will finish up with the Halloween/fall decorating.

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