Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crafty Doin's

I have a few things finished, a few things working--

Peter Easy--working on the second armhole ribbing.
Adult Tomten--working on the second sleeve.
I started a gaiter as a thank you for a friend. It is nearly finished.
I have also finished a few dishcloths. They are so handy, I just love them to death.
I made two pillows for the living room.

And if the sun ever shines again, I will take pictures and post them.

I am hoping to get some little things such as hats and mittens and socks/leggings made for Gbuddy, as the weather is getting quite cold.
I would also like to make some machine embroidered pillows for the dining room host chairs, and a seasonal table topper for the dining room table.
I am wanting to knit some seasonal dishcloths for the kitchen--pumpkin, turkey, etc.

DD's recipe book is nearly finished; I think I have just six more recipes to scrap. I plan to post them on my website as a .pdf with just the recipes, and as separate pages as I have scrapbooked them.

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