Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TV stuff

Okay, so why didn't anyone tell me about "Lost" before this? Thanks to Andy mentioning it a few weeks ago, I added it to my Roku list, and finally got bored one day and watched the first episode. Chip was watching in passing, then stopped cold in his tracks and watched, as enraptured as myself, till the very end. Then he whispered, "I have to see the first part--REPLAY IT!" We've been trying to catch an episode a couple of times a week. Rotating with "24" and "Mad Men", of course.

"All Creatures Great and Small" has fallen by the wayside, Season 4 is just too boring. Poop.

I'll start watching "Elliotts" again soon.

And how in heckfire did the release of Season 3 of "Dexter" to Netflix pass me by?

Funny but true story. I figured out that Dexter Season 3 had released when I added a new movie for the hubby yesterday. And this morning, I was talking to Anne, and she asked me if we had every watched/heard of Dexter. Ummm, had we ever! She and J had just finished watching Season 2. Perfect timing, eh?

And, have you been watching Project Runway? LOVE. IT. As well as Top Chef Masters--go Rick Bayless! And Next Top Chef. And HGTV Design Star. Biggest Loser starts in two weeks--September 15. And Amazing Race starts September 27. Football regular season starts soon, and hockey starts in a month. Good for knitting.

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