Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm feeling so restless. I want to go in so many different directions--cooking/baking/scrapbooking/sewing/knitting/exercising/reading/tv. When what I need to do is clean my house. And that's definitely not what I want to do. So today I will be good to myself and do both. A little of this, a little of "that".

So here is what my Today's Ideal Schedule looks like:
9-10: dress, prepare for day
10-11: daily chores, dinner prep, laundry, hit the hot spots.
11-12: errands--grocery
12-1: lunch, rest, tv and knitting, look over budget book, laundry, hot spots
1-2: clean house
2-3: walk dog, lift weights, core work
3-4: clean house
4-5: sewing--play with machine embroidery
5-6: make corn/cheese/rice, dough for calzones, dough for cookies; chat with Chip
6-7: make dinner; eat, p.m. chores
7-8: clean bedroom closet, dust/polish in bedroom
8-9: tv/add recipes to website (corn/cheese/rice, cookies, calzones)
9-10: work on anne's cookbook

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