Monday, September 7, 2009

Goals for the rest of the week of September 7

Since I didn't do anything on Sunday/Monday due to work, I'll try to do a bit of catch-up as well.

Sunday: Family Day, Gardening
Monday: Scrapbooking Day
Tuesday: Knitting Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day, Anti-procrastination Day, Gbuddy Day
Thursday: Website/Blog Day
Friday: Weekly Home Blessing/Decorating, Gbuddy Day
Saturday: DH Day, Gardening


Gardening: clean up garden, trim, plant as needed

Scrapbooking: work on Daddy's album, finish DD recipe book

Knitting: finish yellow vest, pick up sleeve stitches on jacket

Sewing: work on Chris's quilt, sew pillows

Website/blog: make plan for website, add articles: digital supplies 2, greeting cards, clay, cork, fibers; redo recipe pages--add page for DD recipe book

Decorating: go through pictures, decide what to hang on family wall


Exercise Plan for This Week

Depending on energy level, basic EVERYDAY workout is a “walk” with George of at least 45 minutes and either Pilates or weights


Eating Plan:
Weight Watchers points and eat as Paleo as possible


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