Monday, September 14, 2009

Betsy McCall

For those of you who are of "my" age group, the name alone gives you the shiver. McCall's magazine had a pull-out page or two of paper dolls each month for many years. They gave me so many hours of pleasure during my childhood. I'd beg my mom to buy the magazine, but durn if she wasn't a "Woman's Day" and "Family Circle" kind of gal. One of her friends did take the McCall's magazine and would save me the pages occasionally. Take a look. There are pages for download. I downloaded the full size printable pages for my birth year, and I'm thinking of framing them to hang as a grouping in my cra(p)ft room.
I can't believe the excited and happy response this link elicited in me; for a woman would wouldn't give you two cents for a doll, I am finding myself unable to stop looking!

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