Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm back, I think!

I have no excuse for not writing except a wedding, a couple smallish get-togethers of less than 20 people, helping to put together a post-wedding party of about 125 people, babysitting the grandson, parents needing attention, which entailed a three-day trip to Houston, some massive housecleaning for the above mentioned parties, work, work meetings, annual skills checkoffs at work, getting a tooth pulled, which turned out to be infected--shocker, and, daughter moving back home! And, other things I've either forgotten or blotted out of my mind to save my sanity.

So now that you know that I have no excuses for not writing, let's dive in and try to do some catchup!

I took some pictures of the dresses I chose for the wedding and sent them to my daughter, oh yes, this was way back in mid July. (I told you we had some catching up to do!) These pictures were the beginning inspiration to rejoin Weight Watchers--how did I get so BIG!?

Really, hitting 150 on the scales took my breath away! And how is 148 or 149 any different? So, there you have it--denial is a (grumble, grumble) wonderful thing.
The day I joined Weight Watchers, I weighed 148, and I lost 8 pounds the first month. (Hubby also lost 8 pounds.)

Then we had the big post wedding party, my boss messed up my schedule totally (so what's new?) and said I had to fix it myself, which took up hours and hours of time figuring it out and calling people, during which one of my coworkers agreed to switch with me and then she realized she'd switched with someone else which caused me twice as much work for the most complicated switch. Lesson learned, sometimes the people who are always so willing to make changes say yes to everyone and can't remember who they've said yes to. I worked four days in a row so that I could be free for the days I needed to (and had requested paid time off for months ago) so I could be at the party and run hours and hours of errands for the party and babysit my grandson as well. So I've taken a weight loss hiatus. And I'm slowly getting back to Weight Watchers, Monday I'll start back in earnest, counting points.

I'm telling you, counting those points is what works for me. I get 20 points a day, and I can eat really well if I'm careful. I still eat ice cream in the form of fat-free frozen yogurt and have a glass of wine several times a week. Fast food and eating out are very hard. If we are going to eat out, we plan ahead at the beginning of the week and use our extra points to eat guilt-free. Even so, after a week of eating mostly meat and veggies and working SO HARD to be GOOOOOD, we were still very careful in choosing our foods. Because after all, weigh-in day is Monday.

Who knew bread really really tasted THAT GOOD!

So I'll be resuming Weight Watchers on September 1, and the goal for the month is to lose another 8 pounds.

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