Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goals for week of July 26-August 1

Yes, yes, it has been crazy busy with the wedding and work and all. I just need to get back to planning ahead and sticking to a plan! So sad, hardly any changes for the list, I've just been so darn busy!

In mid-August I'll start babysitting Gbuddy two mornings a week. I hope to incorporate some fun things for the two of us to do. Also I'm looking into working out at our local recreation centers, maybe doing some Pilates, Yoga, or a personal trainer.

1) make sofa pillows and dining room chair pillows.
2) fix serger.
3) attempt to machine embroider using downloaded .pes files.

1) work on Daddy's scrapbook.
2) finalize Gbuddy's photo album and get it printed this week.
3) make photo albums for me and my mom.

1) pick up stitches on one sleeve of the Adult Tomten.
2) finish the back of the Peter Easy vest.

1) sew at least one hour on Chris's quilt. This has definitely stalled.

1) fill in "holes", weed. Continue planting the border garden as I buy plants.

Read and learn:
1) read one hour on email books--well, not an hour a day, but I've read several hours this week.
2) Spanish 15 minutes a day and watch a couple of the photography vodcasts.

1) exercise at least five hours this week. Use a variety of modes--jog, walk, bicycle, Pilates, Yoga, weight-lifting, crossfit.
2) stick to Weight Watchers for diet. Goal of 2% weight loss per week.

1) update website--spend one hour making changes.
2) change desktop layout. maybe make one for a freebie, with matching blog goods.

1) get back to using the big DayTimer book.

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