Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting Close to August

And, wow, the temperature when I got up this a.m. was 69 degrees.


This is Texas.

But the cool and wet weather is making me think of gardening. And it's the first of the month, when I am supposed to be thinking of these things and planning to plant for the month. My handy-dandy planting guide for the fall, courtesy of our beloved Texas A&M, says I am to plant the following for August:

August 1: southern peas, pumpkin; transplant Shasta daisies
August 10: winter squash
August 20: lima beans (bush), sweet corn

DH has been hankering for some Shasta daisies, so I'll start looking for those, and I'm sure we have some pumpkin and winter squash seeds around. I've been wanting DH to plow some beds against the fence, and he's been wanting to build some pretty lattice too, so I'll see if I can't get him excited about doing that for the winter squashes.

Planting the pumpkins would be a great opportunity to prepare the flower beds for planting in the spring. I could dig out a bed for the pumpkin hills and mulch them heavily, and as the plants grow, I'll continue to dig out the grass and mulch. When I get enough dug out for DH to place edging, I'll ask him to install some.

I'm not too interested in doing any of the other vegetables, but I'll confer with DH and see if he is interested in any of them.

Fall is for Herbs, according to this article. I have been dreaming of starting the herb garden since we did our original planning of the garden last year. The round bed will be centered on the dining room windows, and the curved vegetable beds will then make sense.

This is a picture of the vegetable garden, taken in June. The bed will be in front of the curved vegetable beds.

I hear DH moving around. Time to finish this post and pay attention to my sweetie. Oh, and tell him of the plans I have for him.

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