Friday, July 31, 2009

Creative Energy Level--HIGH!!

Dearest Daughter is moving back in on Tuesday, and emptying/organizing her room has sparked some new projects around the house. Out of respect for her, I'm not showing her room, but decorated with her stuff, it is just durn CUTE!

I found these little hooks in one of the drawers I was cleaning. I placed them in my cra(p)ft room near the closet

I hung two of my baby hats on one of the hooks and placed a picture of my grandmother in it because she made me the pink sunbonnet.

I hung one of my favorite baby dresses on the other hook, and printed out a picture of myself on my first birthday. It wasn't until I was putting the picture in the holder that I realized I was wearing the same dress as in the picture! Howdoyalikedat?

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