Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now that it's June

Now that it IS June, I should try to make some kind of statement about the goals I have for the month.
Other than seriously losing some weight, (certainly not the 20 pounds that I should be loosing) about ten pounds, I do have some crafty goals for the month.


1) finish up Grandbuddy's first days book and have printed out for parents--I decided to add some pics if I can get Bubbie to send me her pics!
2) take lots of pictures and keep up with scrapbooking them!
3) make some small kits for Father's Day, Summer, Flag Day and Weddings.
4) attempt a desktop layout.
5) start planning of Christmas projects


1) finish the Tomten jacket?
2) finish Peter Easy vest?
3) start something new and exciting
4) start a new pair of socks
5) start planning of Christmas projects


1) make white Tshirt
2) make blue paisley skirt
3) make dining room linens from Buchanan tartan
4) make dining room kidney pillows for hostess chairs
5) alter brown and aqua top
5) start planning of Christmas projects


1) make one entire "string" of Chris's quilt
2) start blue, gold and rust quilt
3) start planning of Christmas projects


1) keep up with the weeding and fertilizing
2) plant some fruits
3) start the herb garden
4) expand the perennial bed


1) knitted hats for charity, to complement the Rotary "Coats for Kids"

Reading and Learning:
I have so many things I want to learn! This I will flesh out later, just because there is so much and I need to create some FOCUS! Now it's work reading and Spanish and Latin and beading and crochet and, yeah, I need to focus on just a few!


1) freeze some crops as they come, as well as some from the Farmer's Market
2) pickle and can some simple things--jam, jelly, pickles, salsa, tomatoes. And WATERMELON PICKLES--YES!
3) begin plan to move toward a paleo diet. I know. None of the things itemized in #2 are paleo. I know.

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