Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm an addict.

A caffeine addict. Oh, and how.

I'd slept fitfully off and on all day, just tired from the Houston trip, working three nights in a row, and mostly from this hanger-on of a virus. The headache that I'd had all day woke me an hour after I went to sleep, despite taking Ibuprofen two hours previously. And it was a humdinger. I tried to lie quietly and sort things out. I had been good about my fluid intake, I didn't have a fever, or neck stiffness, or vomiting, and my eyesight wasn't altered. Oh. Oh. I hadn't had my coffee today, because I wanted to sleep well. Oh, my. Could caffeine be causing my head to HURT THIS MUCH?

I got up and tiptoed into the kitchen, then stood there, thinking, I don't want to wake DH with making coffee. Ah, I'll just down some Diet Coke. I poured a glass and chugged it, went and lay down on the bed. If it's caffeine, we'll just see how fast this stuff works in my system.

Ten minutes later, the headache was gone.

Now, is that sad or what?

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