Friday, April 3, 2009

Sewing Corner

I've finally made time to post the pictures of my sewing corner.
This is a picture of the whole area:

The suitcases contain large and heavy pieces of fabric, especially home decor fabrics.
The desk top is a hollow core door that my clever husband edged and stained for me. It is quite nice and easy to keep clean.

I used simple wire cubes purchased from Target and although they look as if they are holding up the desk top, they are not, at least, not completely. DH also put angle brackets under the desktop to support the top. I also have a couple of file cabinets and they hold some files for patterns, paper files that I cannot access from the internet, and supplies for my knitting machine.

On the right side of the desk, I have all my ironing supplies, my scissors box, a tin with sewing machine accessories, and a basket with my queue of clothes sewing projects. The file cabinet holds household files and accessories for the knitting machine.

On the left side of the desk, the file cabinets hold miscellaneous files of things I cannot access from the internet, and work related papers. The wire baskets hold current home decorating projects as well as embroidery projects. The plastic set with four drawers hold sewing notions.

I have a corkboard ready to hang behind the desk and I plan to frame some very old patchwork pieces for display in this area also.

It makes me happy to see the multicolored knitting needles in the glass vase. I rarely if ever use them, but they just look so durn cute sitting there!

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Julie said...

You are so organized! I should take pics of my guest room/fiber room/library. It is just horrible. Maybe I'll do a before & after. I'm enjoying reading your blog...