Monday, April 13, 2009

Computer Wall

Showing my computer wall today--very simple. I'm really wanting to spiff it up a bit, but it works for me now.

The picture is a triptych of my daughter and I taken by the hospital's photographer for Mother's Day. I love, love, love the pics they took of us, and they allowed us to pick our three favorite pics and they framed them for us. Is that nice or what?

Again, the desk is very simple, just an ol' hollow core door, stained and edged with trim by my darlin' dear. On top of my desk, left side, I have my stamps/inkpads, drawing pad, computer cds, my organizing notebooks and my recipe box a la Sidetracked Home Executives. In the file organizer behind my laptop I keep my current photos that need to be scanned and ideas/sketches for layouts. On the right side of the desktop I keep sticky notes and a pad of paper for note-taking, and drawing pencils/pens/markers (in the red tin). Most of the time this side of the desk looks pretty crazy with all the current papers/ideas/magazines/flyers stacked there.

On the very left of the photo, you can see my gigantor printer and a peek of the scanner below.

On the left side under the desk, I store paper scrapbooking items as well as paper, clear paper protectors, ribbons and beads.

On the right side under the desk, I store office supplies and current albums I'd like to be working on.

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