Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekly Roundup

Ahh, not much to report in the way of stuff finished, only our little friend's dress:


and Back:

And not much in the way of progress on anything else:

The yellow vest (Peter Easy vest as inspired by Seigfried Farnon):

I'm learning how to knit in the scooping method, rather than the throwing method. So far, it's not any faster, I'm still trying to train my brain/hands. All in the name of trying to save my hands from repetitive injuries.

The sock, oh, woe, I think I've knitted only half an inch on this little pretty!

And the start of the Adult Tomten:

I'm still working on the carseat blanket, but have made NO progress on it this week!

And I started a cream fleece jacket:

Hope to finish the jacket and start some new sewing projects this week. Work is fairly low stress and wedding plans for DD are going swimmingly. DS is in his new house, his girlfriend has decorated it beautifully! Grandbuddy is getting BIG, and smiles are more frequent. He spent Sunday with us, loved being outside in his swing!
Great Grandpappy came to visit this weekend and here are some pics:
Great Grandpappy and Grandbuddy:

Four generations of Snyder men!

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