Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Serger Area

I took a lot of pictures the day I did my closet cleanout. I also cleaned/organized the entire projects room that same day. I'll add pictures of the finished room as I have time. Today I'll show you the serger area.

I originally bought the sewing machine base to store my sewing machine. The surface turned out to be too small and at too high an angle to work at for any period of time, so it ended up on the patio in the summertime for plant display. When we moved to the new house, I had room for it in my projects room, and I placed it in front of the big window with the vintage picnic basket that I so, so, love.

When I bought my serger, this seemed to be the perfect place for it. And it is.
The vintage leather suitcases hold most all of my fabrics, except for quilting fabrics, which are stored in a box in the closet. My husband made the little stool for our beloved dog Clara so she had a step to get up onto the bed. (Oh, I miss that girl.)

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