Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Update

Wow, so much stuff in my head--thought I'd gotten it online, surprised to see I haven't posted in over two weeks--well, I guess I need to cut myself some slack--I was sick for a week of it, and just feeling human-like for the past four days! I may have missed the last several waves of colds, stomach viruses and flu, but this one knocked me down! Went back to work on Saturday and shouldn't have. I was beat by 3 a.m. Ready to lie down beat up and done for. I limped through, slept five hours when I got home and then slept nine hours last night. And still feeling kind of spacey. But glad I'm well. And getting better.
Here is the Monday update--things I'm thinking about and working on--
1) dining chair kidney pillows--not started--buying stuff I need for them today
2) Buchanan plaid table linens--not started--have supplies, will begin soon
3) shift dress of patchwork pastel fabric--back on waiting list--need to think more about what I want to make this fabric out of--a shift may not be "it"
4) start baby poonam sweater--not working on anymore--need to concentrate on other stuff
5) make some progress on Chris's denim quilt--no, but is set up and ready to go--see it there on the desk next to the sewing machine?

6) carseat blanket--half finished!

7) blue and rust quilt--not started, but have organized and ready to start
8) project improv block--not started, but have organized and ready to start
9) swaddling blankets (and burp cloths)--FINISHED!

10) machine knitting charity hats--found a pattern, need to set up a permanant place for the knitting machine!
11) decided I needed a denim skirt for spring--McCalls patterns on sale this week at Hobby Lobby. I have plenty of denim, navy thread, will pick up McCalls 5431 and a zipper and get that one started soon!
12) and my various other knitting projects--see what I have going here. All are moving along at a good clip. I'm dying to start some mittens, and also a project inspired by the Elizabethan jacket, but I think I have enough to say grace over at this point!

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