Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Update on Tuesday

I was going to write all about being stuck and not getting anything accomplished this last week, till I started pulling out my projects to photograph. Hey, I've done well this week! Hooray me!

1) dining chair kidney pillows--not started

2) Buchanan plaid table linens--not started

3) shift dress of patchwork pastel fabric--

I made this dress in a fit of feeling sorry for myself. I HAD to accomplish something. I had some patchwork madras fabric that had been languishing in the stash for lo, these many years (10. 15?) and a cute and quick dress pattern, McCall's 8108. It says on the front that it is a 3 hour dress, and I made it in 2 and a half hours. That included the cutting out, too! I used some bias binding I had in the stash, and I'm still not sure I like it. It needs some tweaking, which I will do this week.

4) make some progress on Chris's denim quilt

5) blue and rust quilt--not started, but have organized and ready to start

6) project improv block--finished!

7) tweak hem of fleece coat, also work on the neckline of a top that is too wide in the neck.

8) decided I needed a denim skirt for spring--McCalls 5431--ready for a start

9) Peter Easy vest, as inspired by Seigfried Farnon-- 7 inches completed. The Peter Easy Vest is chugging along. My secondary goal of learning to knit by scooping, not throwing, is doing well also. I even knit the other day without looking.

10) Grasshopper Twist socks--nearly finished turning the heel on sock #1.

11) Adult Tomten went to frog pond due to gauge problems. I think I should have used the 10.5 needles and not the 9's. I will restart it this week.

12) machine knitting charity hats--found a pattern, need to set up a permanent place for the knitting machine!

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