Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Making progress--bit by bit

Progress this week is slow and by bits--

Finished the fleece jacket. I can see so many mistakes, especially that hem, which I just can't get to lay flat. Thinking about putting some kind of weight in the hem to make it hang better. Maybe I shoulda put that interfacing like the pattern called for. So much for trying to think smarter than the pattern designer.

I finally got the quilt block started. We had a lovely few days with rain, rain, rain; three inches total. I gathered my chai latte, telephone, TV remote, and watched some stuff from Roku.

George cuddled up on the couch next to me. Spoiled boy.

Back to the quilt block--I'm calling it "Peek-a-boo-Dots", see?


The sock:

Peter Easy as inspired by Seigfried Farnon. I hardly got anything done on this--

I finished the little carseat blanket. This was a disappointment. It is not laying as flat as I would like, so I'm going to try and wash it and block it. I also still have a skein of that blue boucle and about half a skein of the white left. Aargh. Not as much as I thought it would take to knit the blanket. So I can knit another blanket, sigh. So much for stash reduction. Why does the stash have to decrease so slowly? Oh. That would be because I keep ADDING to the stash.

Last but not least is the KAL EZ jacket, and, wow, is it going slow.

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