Monday, March 2, 2009

George Goodness--Equal Time for the other baby

This is totally the way it happened--no staging--promise!
I came down the hallway and what did I see?

George tried to assert his rightful ownership--get out of the way, big boy!

Is it?

It is! The toy elephant that George stole, I mean, borrowed, from his friend Lily!

George loves his toys, especially the squeaky ones, and months ago Lily brought this, her favorite toy, over to our house. George also loved this toy, and immediately claimed it as his own. Although we didn't know this until after Lily had left. After they left, George showed us that he had very craftily hidden it under Mom's bed pillow until Lily left. He has played and played and played with this toy. It remains his favorite after many months.
Go figure.
Oh, and Lily's mom said George could keep it, seeing that he liked it so much.

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