Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Closet of Doom to Closet of Bloom

I have a scary little closet,
in my lovely little craft room.
Here I stuff my whatzits,
It's the closet of doom.

Okay, a poet I'm not. But I do love order. And last week my disorderly closet needed a reorganizing. Spurred on by LollyChops to do a closet cleaning, hey Lolly! Are ya there? Come on and show us your closet!
Enter at your own risk:

I hung a sunbonnet that my grandmother made for me as well as my favorite baby dress on the door.

Before photo--cover your eyes, then peek carefully:

I'm not even gonna show you the rest, because there was so much junk hanging off the shelves and oh, no, not gonna show ya.
I'm just gonna show you the emptied closet, and all the cr-- in the middle of my craft room floor.
These two pics are of the right side of the closet:

And the left side of the closet:

I left the scrapbooking/photos shelves intact because they were pretty well organized.


And here are the after photos--

I placed my gift wrap storage (in the green/red case) and sewing machine case on the upper left hand shelf, and all my stuffing/quilt batting on the upper right shelf.

Next I placed my quilting fabrics and current quilting projects in the left corner on the floor and the picnic basket with the current scrapbooking projects in the right corner on the floor. The BIG art folder on top of the picnic basket is the current scrapbooking project; it hasn't been touched in months, but I am hoping that if it is staring me in the face EVERY TIME I OPEN THE CLOSET, I will begin work on it again.

And finally, I replaced the knitting/yarn bins on the middle "shelf". Actually it is only a metal ruler perched on the clothes rod in order to make a facsimile of a shelf. DH has offered to install some more shelves in the closet and I can't wait!

I have a lovely little closet,
in my lovely little craft room.
Here I stuff my whatzits,
And here my projects bloom.

Sigh. I'm still not a poet. And I know it.
Hope you enjoyed looking at my craft room Closet of Doom to Closet of Bloom Makeover.

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LollyChops said...

You did a killer job on that closet!!!! I'll share pics of mine next!!! It's all done.. only I was not brave.. no before pics.. it was too spooky!