Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th--and 13 projects TO DO

Looking over the stuff I said I've wanted to do over the past month or so. Most of it forgotten, rest of it haven't made time for due to grandbuddy's arrival and helping out
1) dining chair kidney pillow--not started
2) Buchanan plaid table linens--not started
3) shift dress of patchwork pastel fabric--not started
4) finish the Ribby Slipper Socks--done
5) knit a liner for the humongous "Turn a Square" hat--done
6) finish the "Super Natural Stripes" sweater--done
7) start baby poonam sweater--not started
8) make some progress on Chris's denim quilt--no
9) carseat quilt--not started
10) blue and rust quilt--not started
11) project improv block--not started
12) swaddling blankets (and burp cloths)--not started
13) machine knitting charity hats

Do I need less things on the "to be done" list, or spend more time doing crafts (and less time on the internet). I'm sure the answer is "yes" to all.

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