Saturday, February 14, 2009

Updates, and even though I don't need to, I am adding new things to the list of stuff to make

And why not more? Goodness gracious, it gives me something to work toward, right? And besides, it is Valentine's Day--Happy Valentine's Day to you all! This should be a happy day filled with joyful activities!

1) dining chair kidney pillow--not started
2) Buchanan plaid table linens--not started
3) shift dress of patchwork pastel fabric--not started
4) start baby poonam sweater--not started
5) make some progress on Chris's denim quilt--no
6) carseat quilt--not started
7) blue and rust quilt--not started
8) project improv block--not started
9) swaddling blankets (and burp cloths)--not started
10) machine knitting charity hats

I imagine I'll be adding some new projects from this:

Because I also bought this lovely fingering yarn (more to come):

And, I always seem to be knitting some EZ project, and this book is just so charming, EZ's newsletters as they appeared originally.

I've all ready decided to knit, oh, each one, particularly the Aran coat or the Tomten (particularly Jared Flood's interpretation, isn't it gorgeous?) as I can't find a winter carcoat to suit me.

Other knitting news:
I knit another of Kristen Patay's Winter Wonder Cloths last night while watching All Creatures Great and Small on Roku:

And, lastly, for knitting news, a peek of that Pram Coat on the intended recipient:


And now for the sewing news:

I got THIS! For a song! I'm so excited to add a serger, and really looking forward to learning how to use it!

I don't think I showed pictures of the fabric I'm using for the Project Improv block:

With lots of white, I'm hoping this will be a stunner.

I bought some soft, soft, animal print fabric on deep discount at Joann's, and made George a blanket. When I finished it, I laid it on the floor, and he realized immediately that it was for him, and made his happy dog noises--huh-huh-huh, and smiled at me and gave me the "thank you" paw and then curled up on it with a sigh. He IS the greatest dog. Here is a picture of the blanket, sans George:

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