Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January Quilt Goals

Joined Project Improv over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio.
The idea behind it is to open up your creative mind and make an improvisational quilt. I have been thinking about making a little blue and red and white quilt top and back it with some fleece for the Grandbuddy. I have the fleece in blue and it has embossed polka dots on it. I was thinking red and blue polka dotted fabric and making it in some wonky looking log cabin squares much like I've admired at Tallgrass Prairie's Studio. And one of the requests for the Improv Project is to donate a quilt square using the aqua/red colorway. Groovy. A colorway and an opportunity to give.
The charity square doesn't have to be complete till April 1, but I'd like to at least get it cooking in my mind.
But for January, I'd like to pull out the little groups of quilt fabrics I pulled out and coordinated way back when and make a couple of little and hopefully quick quilts.
I don't intend on finishing any of the three, but at least get a good start on each of them, at least designing.

1) The first one will be the aqua blue, red and white one I talked about above.

2) The second one I have had in mind will use this group of fabrics:

3) And the third one will use this group of fabrics, and I think it will be a carseat blanket.

4) I DO WANT to make some progress on Chris's denim quilt. I am seriously thinking I will make TWO bands only and place plain fabric on each side to make the top go a little faster. Seriously. I wanted to finish this quilt EIGHT YEARS AGO. It's TIME.


Shannon said...

Can't wait to start my Project Improv!

Cher said...

I just joined Project Improv myself-it has become my style of late thanks to Tonya of LazyGal Quilting influence plus just evolving myself as a quilter. great fabric selections - fun ideas...I am sure you will have a great time working on these small quilts