Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I have an IDEA rolling around in my mind

I have an idea rolling around in my mind, and I need to get it on paper, and make it one step closer to reality.
My dear husband is a member of Rotary Club and one of their projects is "Coats for Kids". They rounded up about 125 coats this year for the kids in our area. It occurred to me, rather too late in the year that I COULD KNIT HATS! That the kids needed hats at least as much as they needed coats. Good gravy, HOW MANY TIMES have I told my newborn parents--"80% of the body heat goes out through the HEAD--keep a hat on that baby"!! But when Dear Husband said that I would need to knit 125 hats, I knew there was no way I could knit 125 hats in a month, or for that matter, organize a group and knit 125 hats in a month.
The first problem is--can I knit 125 hats in about ten months? Well, no, not by hand anyway. But I might be able to by machine. I just need to figure out how to make a hat in the least amount of time. Ten a month doesn't really sound all that bad. (Hopefully, I am recalling how fast the knitting goes on the machine.)
The cost shouldn't be a problem, either. If I can find yarn for $1 a skein, and each hat takes one skein, I can easily do that.
Time. Now time might be the problem. Especially if I'm going to do this by myself. I need to dust off the knitting machine first.
Okay, so onto the tickler reminder sheet:
1) Dust off and set up the knitting machine.
2) Find pattern for hat.
3) Look for sources for yarn.
4) Run a couple trial hats to see how fast I can make ONE hat.
5) Figure out if I can commit to the time needed for this project.
6) Oh, yeah, and see if the Rotary Club is even interested in this.

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Cher said...

you might find others interested in joining you. many quilters are also knitters. if you work at a hospital I know there is a way to get this idea out there and others may enjoy helping. we have a boxer too! she is Zoe and is 5 years old...your photo is terrific of George