Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things

1. My heart was stolen on January 21, at 1033 pm. It was lost to Hank forever.
2. I'm obsessed with babies. Did I have to tell you that?
3. I've been married for 32 years to the best husband ever. He quite possibly has the ugliest feet in the world, but he makes good babies.
4. I adore my kids. Did I have to tell you THAT?
5. I have beautiful feet. Really.
6. All my grown kids are going through major life events--buying a house, getting married and having a baby.
7. I'm allergic to bananas. Among other things.
8. I'm allergic to chocolate, too, but I mostly ignore that.
9. I love to knit. I hope I can teach someone to knit this year.
10. I'm trying to get back into sewing, phew, I have a lot to learn.
11. Based on the time I spend with it, I must love my computer.
12. My favorite podcast is "This American Life".
13. My favorite cooking tool is my crockpot, closely followed by my fancy knives, then my bread machine and my gas cooktop.
14. I wake up every morning and pinch myself. Life is good.
15. I have a great job. Love dem babies.
16. My dream life would include having a small self-sufficient and organic farm, with chickens and wool-bearing animals such as rabbits, sheep, goats and llamas. Maybe a buffalo and some alpacas, too.
17. I wish I had lo-ong red curly hair.
18. I cannot stand the smell of reptiles. Apparently I am smelling something that not many other people smell.
19. My favorite meal is prime rib (medium rare), a loaded baked potato (with blue cheese, please), asparagus, chef salad, and Paciugo ice cream. Three flavors. You pick. Love 'em all.
20. I love me my coffee. Chai tea is a close second. Ummm.
21. I'm always thrilled that even though my kids are grown, they still need me. Or at least act like they do.
22. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, but if I wake up during the night, I'm awake for at least two hours and lucky if I can go back to sleep.
23. I am partial to big dogs. Brachycephalic ones. Like George. The more squashed the face, the better to love.
24. I love water and the noises it makes. Except dripping water. That drives me crazy.
25. My daughter must think I have lots of spare time cuz she tagged me to do this. I love you, Anne.


cjh said...

Just came across your blog through the link on Tallgrass Prairie Studio and read your 25 list. It struck me because I also have been married for 32 years and also have a daughter named Anne. We may have other things in common! I enjoyed reading your list - I may make up my own. Thanks.

cjh said...

Oh, and my daughter Anne is also expecting a baby - April 22 is her due date. It will be a girl named Grace.