Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Year's Resolutions--Step One--Review those Well-Intended Intentions

Feeling more than just a little thoughtful now. I should be working on Xmas gifts and shopping, but sitting here (procrastinating) at 9:30 in the morning in my pj's and robe is a lot more fun.

New Year's Resolutions--Step One--Review those Well-Intended Intentions

New Year’s Resolutions for 2008, or 2008 Well-intended Intentions:

*Read articles from hospital library for one hour per week.
*Read books about breastfeeding and care of newborns.
*Work on improving my Spanish.

Review: I certainly didn't read articles from the hospital library for one hour per week, which I WOULD like to do. I did read about breastfeeding and care of newborns. Prolly an hour per month. I did work on improving my Spanish in fits and starts.
Overall: like the intentions, will keep them all and tweak the plan.

* Pay down debt—pay down all credit cards to zero.
* Decrease unnecessary spending by evaluating each expenditure as a "need" or "want".
* Increase liquid cash and retirement fund

Review: credit card virtually to zero. Could cut spending more. Stricter budget in process. Saving twice as much, the stock market crash has blown the retirement funds to hell.
Overall: like the intentions, will keep them all and tweak the plan.

* Walk two miles a day and lift weights 3x per week.
* Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day and continue to drink eight glasses of water per day.

Review: Only fair at keeping these intentions.
Overall: like the intentions, will keep them all and tweak the plan.Want to add regular yoga and pilates.

* Build a stash of baby layettes of at least three for the nursery. Begin knitting hats and booties and sweaters and quilts for a charity/charities.
* Knit for Red Scarf Project.
*Continue working on scrapbooks.
* Host regular monthly social events.
-We need to have people over to our house more often. Maybe we can host a Stitch and Bitch, Book Club, Game Day, Movie Night, Investment Club, Walking/Running Club, Socialize with the Dogs, etc.

Review: our volunteers at the hospital really do keep the nursery supplied quite well. Red Scarf Project has gotten too picky and overwhelmed with numbers. Scrapbooks--oh, my, I really haven't paid enough attention to this. Due to not taking pictures, maybe? Or being busy with other stuff? Or just lack of interest? Regular monthly social events--we do have a lot of dinners on Sunday at the house. And everyone is just too busy to get together on a regular basis for other stuff.
Overall: Ditch most of these. Continue with Sunday dinner at the house at least once a month. Think about commitment to scrapbooking. Find out if homeless in our town need knitted hats. Or hats for newborns in underprivileged areas.

Personal/Love Interests
* Continue communication with close friends and family.
* Chip and I are to go on a shopping expedition once a month and purchase one new outfit, from head to toe.

Review: did well on the communicating, at least in increasing the words/time with family and friends. Not so well on the once a month shopping.
Overall: Like the intentions, will keep them and tweak the plan.

Forget that, or I'll get back in the box after New Year's

I was only kidding (myself) when I said I was going to get back in the (S.H.E.) box. NOW I'm thinking that re-starting my super organized way of life during the holidays was a joke. Ri-iii-ght. Especially cuz I got sick and was down with a mild fever and supermalaise. Signs of overdoing it.

Good news? The biopsies on the questionable moles came back benign or almost-benign. I'll have to go back in three months to have them checked again, just to make sure.

Now I'm feeling better. Lucky me. Just in time to go back to work. Lord, it's stressful there. (edited to remove rant about tax-break babies)
As I was saying. I'm feeling better. Lucky me. Lying around on the sofa or sleeping in the bed got really boring after two days. By the third day I was just angry at being sick. On the third day I redirected my frustrations into some good energy, knitting . I knitted completed three pairs of fingerless mitts. I think I'm finished with all four pair, but must have left one pair at work. If I lost the fourth pair, I'll have to knit another pair. Luckily, I can knit a pair in two nights.

I'm hoping to knit some more of Kristin's Winter Wonder Cloths. Two made, at least one more for a "set" for our dear L.

I finished the wellness (rice) bags (8) for heating in the microwave to lay on achy muscles. This was a really fun project, inspired by the rice heat therapy bag tutorial over at sew, mama, sew. (pictures to come--if we ever get enough picture-taking light--enough with the bad weather!)

I've also started some popcorn bibs for the DH. He's expressed some, okay, a LOT of, interest in popcorn gifts this year, and I thought this would be a cute idea. So, some white terry cloth, cut into a bib shape, a little doubled bias tape for ties, and maybe a little hand-embroidered applique.

Yesterday I had enough energy (hooray!) to sit at the sewing machine. I worked on making handkerchiefs. Today I'm planning to begin the embroidery process. Oooh, wish I had that fancy machine I have had my eye on. Woulda made some cute embroidery touches just like "*that*". But I am looking forward to doing some hand embroidery, haven't done it in years.

AND, I want to finish sewing Grandbuddy's blanket. It's kind of a bore, the machine is so loud I can't listen to music or podcasts. One side down, three sides to go.