Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keepin' my head above water

I'm here, though not like I want to be, just trying to keep my head above water. Thanksgiving was totally wonderful. Twenty-something for dinner. Everyone brought something and the food was delicious. Delicious. Seeing everyone was great. Going to work in the middle of it was not so wonderful. Work was good, though. No disasters. Unlike this weekend--baby came out not breathing very well. Thank you Jesus, he turned out okay. Scared the living heck outta me.
I'm knitting and sewing and decorating and baking. I'll report on my days off, see ya then. I'll have pictures, too.
Get a restful amount of sleep, continually strive to eat well and exercise daily. Participate in life joyfully and freely give of myself to others. Have a plan and follow it.


60 minutes exercising, 45 minutes on am routine, 45 minutes for personal care, 15 minutes of weekly zone, 15 minutes of monthly zone, 30 minutes of crafts, 30 minutes of evening routine.

drink tea instead of soda
drink copious amounts of water every day
eat healthy
lift weights
core work
ride bike
walk dog
talk to three people I love today

A.M. Routine
make coffee
unload dishwasher
check laundry
open blinds
hit the hot spots
prep dinner
make lunch and breakfast
take vitamins
meditate fifteen minutes

P.M. Routine
put out hot spots
kitchen: empty trash, shine sink, lay out clean dishcloths, start dishwasher, check menu plan and see if anything needs to be thawed or prepped
purse: clean out, ready for next day
check calendar for next days activities
set out clothes for tomorrow: exercise and work
brush and floss teeth/skin care

Tuesday: sweep/vacuum/zone (house looks good from holidays, but I will run the vacuum down the middles) Zone work will consist of working on closets as needed. Now that Chris lives with us, I don't need to do the bathroom or guest room.

Weekly Craft:
Tuesday: Knitting Day: start another pair of fingerless mitts. Yes, another pair. I'm cranking them out. Pictures soon.

Monthly Inside:
Zone 5: guest bath/bedroom, weight room, projects room--Weight room is a disaster. All the Xmas boxes came down on Sunday. They are mostly empty, except for tree decorating stuff. Today I'll finish the decorating--fluff the little trees and decorate them for the entry. Everything else is done.

Yearly Zones:
November/December: guest room, projects room.

Miscellaneous: take pictures of the outside of the house and print several copies on typing paper. Work up a plan for lighting, using the lights we have now. Gotta do a little shopping, new shoes for work, grocery, get car cleaned, stuff I missed doing because of work or Tday activities.