Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy, busy!

I've been busy, busy! Loving my week off, other than spending the first half sick. I'm having so much fun and really moving forward. Fiddled around with this post till I'm, again, sick, and can't make the pics end up in the right place. Ugh.


Now that we know that we are going to have a grandBOY, it's been lots of fun finding BOY stuff. I picked this up at Joann's to make in the cardigan as pictured:

I finished these little booties, just am not too happy with the way they turned out. I also have this yarn--Lion Brand Magic Stripes--on the needles in an EZ BSJ.

I cleaned out my car and found this poor little bit of a sock--well, it was to be my car project, just forgot it was there.



Found some twill on the remnants table.

And this also on the remnant table--a bit of knitted fabric--the black fabric for a pair of pants, both to be made out of this pattern.

Hobby Lobby had a sale on patterns, and I picked up this baby sling pattern to make in this bit of calico and jeans fabric.

I also picked up a darling green/yellow print on the remnant table and a cute lil' pattern to make a top for myself, but neglected to take a picture.

AND, I made a bunch of burp cloths out of white terry cloth and some of the same fabrics I used to make the bibs. Also neglected to take a picture of those.

And, last not definitely not least, I continue to work on the scrap jeans quilt. George loves it.