Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sewing Projects--Home Decorating Fabrics

This is part two of my efforts to catalog all my fabrics so I can SEE what I have in my stash.
* * * * * *
This is a loud plaid fabric, not quite sure I will ever use this, but I do like the colors.

* * * * * *
This is also a loud plaid fabric, a lovely Buchanan plaid, purchased to make holiday linens such as a table runner and napkins.

* * * * * *
This striped Southwest themed fabric has been used for pillows in my house.

* * * * * *
This lovely lineny greige fabric was a large amount of fabric that I purchased back in the 80's and has been made into various things, such as draperies, tablecloths and slipcovers.

* * * * * *
I love toile.

* * * * * *
AND I love cowboys.

* * * * * *
These are some random pieces that seemed to go together. Wouldn't they make some cute purses or pillow? That flowery fabric is probably my favorite fabric of all time. Don't ask me why. Did I say I love toile?

* * * * * *
There are just some scraps of this very French looking fabric, maybe a yard or so. I used it to recover the rocking chair that was in my bedroom when I was growing up. It looks adorable.

* * * * * *
I used this burgundy velvet to cover my dining room chairs.

* * * * * *
This fabric is covering a small ladies' chair in my living room. The chair came to Texas in the 1880's via train as part of my husband's great-grandmother's wedding present.

* * * * * *
And these two fabrics were used to cover the seats of our leather sofa.

* * * * * *
This is a fabric from long, long ago, purchased to use in my daughter's room for curtains or somesuch thing. It is so darling I just couldn't part with it.

* * * * * *

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bibs, a blanket, a quilt in the making, and magic stripes

No, I haven't added any more fabric inventory posts, hopefully I will do that tomorrow, but I do have some finished projects. I'll add the pics tomorrow when the battery on my camera is recharged.
I finished some baby items--a three darling bibs and a small blanket made from some remnant Minky.

The bibs were made from a pattern at Nested. The pattern was well-written, easy to follow and very, very cute! I found some fat squares on sale at my local Hobby Lobby in cute boy prints, and bought some double fold tape in coordinating colors. Each bib took about 20 minutes from start to finish.

The Minky blanket was made from a small remnant at my local Joann's. I found some adorable Winne-the-Pooh blanket binding at Joann's, too. I cut two squares from the remnant, and machine-stitched them together in a chevron pattern. The binding application was awkward, but it turned out pretty durn cute.
Next on the sewing table:
I am really trying to make a dent in the fabric stash, and toward that end I pulled out each sorted-by-color bag of fabric and pulled out yellow-golds, rusts, blues and some interim pieces. The only requirement was that they had to be at least 4.5 inches wide so that I could use Amy's (Amy Butler) Lotus Brick Path Quilt free pattern.
I bought some white terry cloth to make some burp cloths, and I will use the rest of the fat squares to embellish them.

I also bought some white felt to line the Michele Quigley (of "On Pins and Needles") baby shoes I plan to make (with more stash fabric).
And finally I purchased a small piece of forest green gingham to make into a shirt to go with the little EZ (Elizabeth Zimmerman) baby sweater I finished this week.
Which leads me to . . .

I finished the little EZ baby sweater. This is about the fourth time that I have knitted this pattern, and it is a quick and easy knit. (Well, okay, my menopausal and stressed brain has had a hard time with most everything the last few weeks, and I spent a LOT of time reworking it this time, but it is USUALLY an easy knit.) It blocked out a lot bigger than I expected, but babies grow. I am sure this sweater was "meant" to be knitted in this yarn, as I had about ten feet left when I finished.

Next on the knitting needles--

This will prob-a-bly be an EZ Baby Surprise jacket. I picked up a couple of skeins of "Magic Stripes" for $1.50 a skein from Big Lots a few months ago and it has the perfect boy colors--red,navy,denim, white and brown. I've been wanting to knit this yarn as well as the BSJ and I think they will make a good combination.