Saturday, August 16, 2008


Despite my best efforts, I did not finish the stole by the 15th as I had planned. But I did finish it this morning, just a day "late". And even though there are a gazillion mistakes, and I never quite got the hang of inserting the beads, I think this is one of the prettiest things I have ever made.
(Thank you, Nautical Knitter, I am so excited to start sots-iii.)
This morning I sat down and finished the last 20 or so rows. I sewed in all the loose ends, and gently washed and rinsed the final product. I rolled it in a beach towel and stomped on it to squeeze the extra water out. Then I pinned it out on the guest bed. Here is what it looked like:

I waited an hour or so, and as it dried, the edges started to curl and they weren't as straight as I would have hoped they would be. I tried to add more pins, and smoothed it with my hands, then I removed pins, and tried smoothing it with my hands, and it ended up just curling up and getting all distorted. And frankly, I was beginning to get distorted myself.
George put a stop to this by jumping on the bed and giving me a look that said, "For Petey's sake, STOP!"

I jerked the gol-durned thing off the bed and said, "I know just what you need." I hauled it next door into the crapft room and pulled out my ironing board and my handy-dandy steamer iron. I set it to "wool" and placed the stole carefully longways onto the board. Once I started steaming and ironing, I realized the stole was too wide, so I turned it shortways, ironed/steamed it on the right and wrong sides, then carefully laid it on the board, folded in half longways and let it cool.
Hubby and I went to the new local shopping center. I'll take pictures the next time we go. It's like a little Las Vegas, all fancy-schmancy and ultra-fun with all my favorite places to eat and shop, like Vera Bradley and The Loft and Francesca's. We ate at Mi Cocina and sat outside under the beautiful old live oak and overlooking the manmade waterfalls as the weather is distinctly NOT TEXAS IN AUGUST HOT. It was, maybe, 83 degrees. Last week at this time it was 103. Now that's TEXAS HOT. We finished up the shopping with a trip to Market Street and spent a ridiculous amount on groceries. We bought sushi from the little sushi bar IN THE STORE, seriously, a sushi bar in the grocery store! I ran down to Paciugo's and bought some gelato. With a little wine and some fresh peaches, we will have a luscious dinner tonight.
When we came home, we unloaded groceries and took a nap. When I woke up I took a peek at the stole and this is what I saw:

Oooh! And AAAAH! And WoW! And it looks even prettier on!

That being finished, I can look forward to starting sots-iii.
I pulled out the creamy white baby lace merino that I bought for sots-ii (and never started) and bought some beautiful #6 seed beads, silver lined and aqua, from Beadwrangler, with a package of beading needles. I'm not quite sure this is what I'm needing, but we'll see when it arrives. In the meantime I'll use my rigged floss threader. I'll knit a swatch tonight on my #4 Addi Lace needles and see how it looks after washing/blocking. I'll use the green #6 seed beads I bought for sots-ii just to see how the beads look and to practice using my new-found beading skills thanks to the video that Nautical Knitter has posted on her site, I expect the aqua beads will arrive by the end of the week, and that will be fine with me, as I have little time to knit due to my work schedule.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My less than once a month post

Well, I was thinking that about once a month posting was bad, but now we're almost at once per two months. Ugh. I know I can do better. Many times over the last two months, I'd think, I should work on my blog. But I'd need to take pictures, and the camera battery would be dead, or it wouldn't charge, or I'd be busy with work, or some other excuse. I've been busy, that's true.
HOUSE AND GARDEN:We're so happy and so INTO the house. We are still pinching ourselves and each other because we can't believe we're here. I promise I'll start taking pictures and posting them. I love my house and garden. I love to putter in the yard, planting and trimming and plotting what I'm going to do next.
WORK:continues to be stressful. We always seem to be running like crazy, our walk-in population has increased so much, and mostly they haven't had prenatal care or don't care for themselves and their baby as the insuranced crowd does. So the babies are quite often sick and require a lot of care and extra attention. I don't mind being in charge, and it seems like I've been doing it a lot. Only a few of us will do charge, because I work with a bunch of princesses who won't. Sigh.
KNITTING AND SEWING: Since I found out that I have a grandbaby on the way, I've been knitting various things, such as

the lil' punkin

the lil' tomato

the lil' devil

I've also knit a blanket, and I'm currently working on an EZ sweater in forest green acrylic/wool. I don't have pictures of either of those, yet.

The Secret of the Stole I (Guinevere) is nearly finished. I'm well pleased with the gray color I chose as most of the theme is of a sword. Here's what the edge looks like, with a picture of my pink marksalot that I use to mark off the finished rows.

I'd like to participate in the next Secret of the Stole (III), and it starts on August 15th. I haven't swatched or anything, but think I will use the white laceweight I bought a few months back for another shawl knitalong that crashed and burned.

I have a few things in mind to sew for the baby, but need to organize and peruse my forlorn fabrics first and try to use up some of what I have. That is on the project list for this week.